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OneLife is the online hub for OneCoin users.

The OPPORTUNITY IS NOW before OneCoin goes public.

Not only the value of OneCoin is increasing fast, but also the amount of tokens you receive that can be mined when purchasing educational packages.


The revolution starts now. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to join the globally fastest growing company.

Download OneCoin / OneLife info in PowerPoint (20 MB)



The current value of 1 OneCoin as of 08/12/17 is EUR 15.95 (AUD 23.90)

This table presents the various package options. The final column is an internal prediction as to the value of the package in the future and is not intended to influence or attract future members. Members must seek independent financial advice prior to acquiring their package.

Starter 165 8 420
Trader 825 40 2100
Pro Trader 1650 80 4200
Tycoon Trader 8250 1620 85050
Premium Trader 20625 Auto mining - cannot predict
Initial Launch Pack 83333 40000 210000

* This calculation is completed with a "Difficulty" rating of 200.
** Predicted value in AUD when OneCoin floats in October 2018 (35 EUR).


Here you can find how fast the OneCoin value has increased:

The chart below reflects the increase in value of OneCoin.

OneCoin value increase chart





πŸ‘ OneLife-OneCoin is the fastest growing company globally and the world's top ranked digital currency website. (

πŸ‘ OneCoin is a Digital Currency community with over 3.3 million members with turnover more than €8 billion.

πŸ‘ OneCoin is the fastest Billion dollar company in the first 11 months of its start as compared to Apple, Microsoft, Google & Facebook.

πŸ‘ OneCoin is the only cryptocurrency that has KYC procedure in place. (Know your customer)

πŸ‘ OneCoin was quickly adopted by 60.000 merchants.

πŸ‘ OneCoin is accepted by over 60,000 merchants and estimated having 1 million merchants next year where you now can purchase a wide range of goods. (DEALSHAKER.COM)

πŸ‘ Certified by German,Swedish & Bulgarian, Norway & Italian Law Authorities.

πŸ‘ Chinese Government approved OneCoin to link with China Union Pay.

πŸ‘ Monthly audit is doneΒ  by external auditors.

πŸ‘ OneCoin has 7 offices: Germany, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Dubai, Vietnam, Mexico, North America.

πŸ‘ OneCoin has produced over 4000 coin Millionnaires & 400 commission Millionnaires

πŸ‘ Company has world's most powerful blockchain with capacity of 50,000 coins per minute.

πŸ‘ Company already in over 196 countries

πŸ‘ Company has Shariah Compliance Certificate

πŸ‘ Company is focusing more on education than any other Digital Currency Company.


OneCoin is the only cryptocurrency that has KYC procedure in place. (Know your customer)

We are soon ready for launch.


More information: OneLife Global Presentation (11 MB pdf)



OneCoin Cryptocurrency



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