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Work From Home

The OneLife Network business model is based on a direct sales concept, in which members can profit by referring and selling our educational packages about cryptocurrency and financial management.

Business Opportunity

How Does the OneCoin Compensation Plan Work?

You can get paid in 4 ways with OneCoin:

Direct bonus – You’ll receive a direct sales bonus of 10% when you personally enroll someone in the OneLife system and they purchase an educational package.

For example, if you sell a Tycoon pack for €5,500, you’ll receive a bonus of €550!

Fast start bonus – In the first 30 days after you enroll, you’ll receive an additional 10% bonus for anyone you personally enroll. This is only paid out if you personally enroll €5,500 or more in this period.

For example, if you sell a Tycoon pack in the first 30 days, you get not only the 10% direct bonus (€550), but also an additional 10% fast start bonus (€550)!

Network bonus – OneCoin uses a binary system so you’ll have a left and right leg. All packages purchased by members below you on these two legs equate to €1 = 1BV. You get paid 10% on your weaker leg.

For example, if you have 10,000BV on your left leg, and 20,000BV on your right let, you get paid 10% of 10,000 = €1,000. The smaller BV then deducts from both legs leaving you with 0BV on your left leg, and 10,000BV on your right leg that carries over to the next week.

Matching bonus – Depending on the package that you have on your account, you can get paid a matching bonus up to 4 generations deep.

For example, if one of your first generation (personally enrolled) earns a network bonus of €1,000, you will get a matching bonus of 10% of this (€100).


How Do You Get Paid?

All the bonuses work together simultaneously. 60% of the income that comes in will go into your cash account, and 40% will fund your mandatory (trading) account that will work towards purchasing more tokens and mining more coins. This automatic that will ultimately make you more money. Payments are made in your OneLife account every week (on Monday).

The money in your cash account can be used to purchase additional packages/coins, or withdrawn to your bank account.



What are the Weekly Payout Limits?

Depending on which package you have on your account, you are subject to the following weekly payout limits:

Starter – €700 a week

Trader – €3,500 a week

Pro Trader – €7,000 a week

Executive – €21,000 a week

Tycoon – €35,000 a week

A Further Explanation of Each Bonus

Direct & Fast Start Bonuses

The first thirty days can prove to be extremely lucrative; in addition to the direct sales bonus of 10%, there is an additional 10% bonus if your qualifications are met. To meet these qualifications, you must personally refer €5,500 in business during the first month. For example, if you refer someone to the Tycoon Package (at €5,500 EUR), you would receive €500 in direct sales, and an additional €500 as a start up bonus!

Networking Bonus

The members that join your team will be added to the left or right side of your network. In the example below, there is 1100BV on your left leg, and 2500BV on your right leg. You would get paid 10% on your lesser leg. Thus, you will get 10% of 1100BV = €110. You will then carry over 0BV on your left leg, and 1400BV on your right leg in to the next commission week.

There is no limit to the amount of people in your organisation. If another Trader was added to your left leg, you would have 500BV on your left, and 1400BV on your right, thus getting a network bonus of €50 for that additional trader (even if you aren’t the sponsor).

Matching Bonus

To qualify for the matching bonus, you must be qualified with a personally sponsored Trader package or above on each of your left and right legs, and a minimum of a Trader package on your own account.

Purchasing additional packages on your own account unlocks greater levels of the matching bonus, as seen below:


If you have a Tycoon pack, for example, you will get paid 4 levels deep. You will earn:

Level 1 (personally enrolled) – 10% of their network bonus

Level 2 – 10%

Level 3 – 20%

Level 4 – 25%

Why You Should Join This Amazing Opportunity

There are 100s of people worldwide maxing out their position and earning €35,000 a week! Join the cryptocurrency revolution and earn bonuses on top of the value of your coins increasing over time.

The current value of 1 One Coin as at 8/12/17 is € 15.95 (AUD 23.90)

This table presents the various package options. The final column is an internal prediction as to the value of the package in the future
and is not intended to influence or attract future members. Members must seek independent finacncial advise prior to making their
investment. One Life is not a financial advisor and does not provide financial advice.


Starter 165 800 1 1600 8 420
Trader 825 4000 1 8000 40 2100
Pro Trader 1650 8000 1 16000 80 4200
Tycoon Trader 8250 81000*** 2 324000 1620 85050
Premium Trader 20625 120000 3 960000 Auto mining - cannot predict
Initial Launch Pack 83333 500000 2 + 2 8000000 40000 2100000


* This calculation is completed with a "Difficulty" rating of 200.

** Predicted value in AUD when One Coin floats in October, 2018.

*** Special Offer for December, 2017 until subscribed. E. & O.E.

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