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The wait is over. In this article, we will discuss the OneCoin launch to the open market and the strategy behind “OneCoin launch”.

OneCoin is a young currency and not yet open for trading in the market to everyone. The company’s main purpose is to popularize the currency so that users can use it to make payments and to transfer money around the world. OneCoin Latest News & Updates: OneCoin Latest Updates in April 2018

OneCoin is a cryptocurrency with a very different structure. It is not a Bitcoin clone with slight alterations. Bitcoin has created anonymously and it has anonymous ownership. On the other hand, OneCoin’s ownership is public and its system is based on (KYC) Know Your Customer concept.

First of all, OneCoin will be introduced at The company will decide whether they want to compromise their member’s data on other exchanges or not.

The company will hold about 40 to 50% coins and the remaining 50% will be considered as circulating supply. Let’s say we will be 4 Million by the time of opening and we will have half of the coin capacity which would be 60 Billion.

Now 60 Billion is circulating supply and at least 20% is already gone to coin safe until 2019.

What is left? 30% and 4 Million Members.

The Answer is that Company is trying their best to hold the maximum number of coins. Because all company wants is to control the stability of fluctuation at the time of launching.

I bet you that at the time of launching only small investors who hold the very limited amount of coins will run for selling their coins. The big investors will happily buy and hold their coins.

After 6 to 7 months the same small investor will return to xcoinx to buy his same coin which he sold for a cheap price and will pay double of the price in hoping to sell for a better price.

This is called crypto trading!

We will see how 3.3 Million Members will sell their coins in one go!

I want to request everyone to please educate yourself. Understand the technology behind OneCoin. Never blindly trust anyone.

OneCoin is all about learning. The purpose of One Academy is to educate the community.

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