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OneCoin Merchant Platform Announced! (DealShaker)

OneCoin Merchants Platform Dealshaker

Exciting things are taking place for the cryptocurrency company OneCoin/OneLife.The industry leading cryptocurrency company refuses to rest on its laurels and recently announced their groundbreaking new addition to the OneCoin/OneLife family: a revolutionary e-commerce platform that is sure to be an industry rocking entity.

Introducing – The DealShaker OneCoin Merchant Platform!

Ecommerce Payments

DealShaker, the name of the new OneCoin merchant platform, looks to shake things up for OneCoin and its millions of users. The concept is simple yet genius, DealShaker serves as a hub where registered merchants and OneCoin users meet and conduct transactions. The OneCoin member benefits by having a secure location to view special deals on goods and services from around the globe, and also by an added value to their cryptocurrency by spending it to take advantage of the outstanding offers. DealShaker merchants benefit by having exclusive access to millions of OneCoin/OneLife customers as well as having a worldwide platform to showcase their business.

The same transparency and security OneCoin/OneLife members already enjoy are a part of the new e-commerce platform. There are recordings of all transactions on OneCoin’s powerful blockchain and all participating merchants must adhere to the ‘Know Your Customer’ mantra by registering information about their business, their activities, and themselves when joining the DealShaker merchant platform.

When is the Full Launch of DealShaker?

DealShaker already has thousands of merchants registered and ready to do business; three thousand businesses registered within the very first week of DealShaker operations. On February 16, 2017, DealShaker begins OneCoin member shopping, and the response will be amazing.

OneCoin founder Dr. Ruja is excited to see the cryptocurrency company’s advancement into e-commerce as it increases value and usability of the coin. As OneCoin cryptocurrency is used more its value increases and as its value increases it becomes increasingly sought after by those new to the world of cryptocurrency. What OneCoin/OneLife is creating by adding the new DealShaker merchant platform is a win-win cycle that will continue to increase OneCoin’s use as well as OneCoin’s value exponentially and perpetually.


OneCoin Merchants Platform

Cryptocurrency – A Form of Digital Payments

OneCoin has always believed that cryptocurrency as an entity unto itself is rather pointless. The ability to be able to use cryptocurrency to purchase goods and services is what adds both value and practicality to it. As a cryptocurrency network with such a large customer base, it is important to OneCoin to be able to serve the customers in the area of globalised e-commerce. The world is adapting to e-commerce and it is no longer a thing of the future. The future is now and OneCoin wants to give the very best opportunities and value to the more than three million active OneCoin users as well as its 12 million users who are moving towards being a part of the OneCoin/OneLife world.

OneCoin is proud to announce its OneCoin Merchants Platform Launch. You can now use your OneCoins to buy & sell goods/services!

OneCoin founder, Dr. Ruja explains that there are substantial benefits for OneCoin users who can now become a part of a vast e-commerce platform. OneCoin encourages buying and selling of goods and services among customers within the mass e-commerce marketplace. This differs from BitCoin, which has created its cryptocurrency for the completion and registration of transactions; moving cryptocurrency from point A to point B and recording it on its blockchain. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this practice, OneCoin’s founder believes it can do better and have a larger positive impact on a greater number of people. It is OneCoin’s goal to be the cryptocurrency of the masses.

DealShaker – The Global OneCoin Merchants Platform

Through DealShaker, OneCoin’s newly launched e-commerce platform, registered merchants and OneCoin customers will easily and exclusively unite on a global scale. DealShaker is both a point of connectivity and a platform for advertising. It is a huge win-win for the merchant, who now has access to OneCoin’s three million plus active user base and OneCoin/OneLife members now able to take advantage of unique customer-to-customer and business-to-customer deals and promotions previously unheard of in the cryptocurrency arena. Merchants have the option of selling products and services in price combinations of OneCoin cryptocurrency and cash as well as the option of offering special discounts. Because OneCoin is the exclusive cryptocurrency for deals on DealShaker, the rate of the coin is set according to the current OneCoin rate of exchange. This simplifies conversion rates for merchants and customers.

A Global Customer Base

OneCoin merchants who join DealShaker become part of the OneLife Network and gets the opportunity to advertise products and services to a wider, global audience. Since trust and transparency are at the core of OneCoin/OneLife, DealShaker will operate on OneCoin’s ‘Know Your Customer’ system and all registered DealShaker merchants must provide information about themselves and their activities. It is important to note that DealShaker serves as a hub that facilitates interaction between merchants and customers. Because of this, all merchants are responsible for every aspect related to the deals they offer and their transactions with the buyers.

Dr. Ruja is pleased to point out the progress OneCoin made towards some of the goals that the company has held since its beginning. In just two years time, OneCoin demonstrated marked growth and increased value. In addition to eventually reaching 10 million active users and having a consistent increase in value in a sometimes volatile market, Dr. Ruja would like to have one million merchants as a part of OneCoin’s merchant platform. The DealShaker e-commerce platform is an exciting part of the company’s planned development and therefore a significant addition to the OneCoin/OneLife Network.

Start Shopping on February 16th, 2017!

The response to the merchant platform has been overwhelmingly positive. More than 3,000 merchants registered as a part of DealShaker within one week of the platform opening. February 16th, 2017, is the day that DealShaker launches their shopping section. Excitement is building as the anticipated day approaches and OneCoin users can begin shopping with their coins.

By increasing both the usability and value of the coin, DealShaker demonstrates why OneCoin is a smart choice for those interested in beginning to use cryptocurrency. Of course, increased use leads to increased value of OneCoin so it is a perpetual cycle of positivity and growth.

The Dealshaker Shopping Section Has Been Launched!


We are really pleased to announce the successful launch of the shopping section of our new pilot merchant platform - The DealShaker!

This is great news for all members of the OneLife Network, who can now not only register on the platform, but can also buy and sell products or services using the OneCoin cryptocurrency. Merchants who have already registered can start promoting their deals to a multi-million network and take active part of what promises to become the YEAR OF THE MERCHANTS!

As we announced last month, the DealShaker is the first platform to offer its members the chance to pay for their purchases in a combination of OneCoin cryptocurrency (ONE) and Cash (Euro). Merchants are now able to promote and sell deal coupons for their promotional deal offers, which their potential clients can later redeem in exchange for the promoted service or product.

Being the exclusive cryptocurrency on DealShaker, the rate of ONE will be fixed for all users of the platform, adjusted with the change in the mining difficulty of the OneCoin cryptocurrency.

For all buyers who wish to claim a deal and purchase deal coupons, but do not have enough OneCoins in their OneCoin account, the system will offer an automatic compensation at a fixed selling rate, which will allow them to compensate the ONE deficit in EUR and proceed with their purchase.

Since we value the time and the efforts of our members, login and registration was made easy and quick. All members can access the platform simply by using their OneLife credentials, without having to sign up or register again. You can access the platform through the official web link:

We kindly remind all buyers and sellers that the DealShaker platform will only serve as a mediator to present classified ads of services and products to the OneLife Network. DealShaker will not act as a retailer, but as an advertising platform empowering buyers and sellers globally. Merchants will be solely responsible for all matters related to the deals they offer and their interaction with the customers.

As a pilot version of a software platform, empowering purchases in the unique combination of EUR + ONE, the DealShaker and OneLife teams will be closely collaborating for the first year of operations of the platform to ensure that all feedback received from the OneLife Network will be addressed as efficiently as possible. This will encourage an environment of rapid growth and development for the platform and will help create a stable solid relationship between all users of the One Ecosystem.


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